Best DANCHEL OUTDOOR Truck Bed & Tailgate Awnings & Shelters in 2022

Danchel Outdoor Truck Bead & Tailgate Awnings & Shelters

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Truck Bead - and Tailgate - Awnings & Shelters are a great way to protect your cargo from weather conditions. From a sun-baked day to a cold night, you'll be glad you have one of these products. Read on to learn more.

ArcHaus Tailgate Tent

ArcHaus is a great option for outdoor events, concerts, and festivals. This tailgate accessory fits around your vehicle's doors and truck bed toppers and creates an inner space of 10ft by 10ft. It keeps your party items out of the sun and rain while still providing an accessible space to enjoy yourself.

The ArcHaus Tailgate Tent and Awning is ideal for summer activities and events. The awning offers shade and easy access to the cargo area. The shelter's design makes it easy to install and provides quick protection from the elements. This shelter also creates a six-foot-tall by 10-foot-wide space that can accommodate folding chairs and a booth table.

North East Harbor 2-Person

The North-East Harbor is a 2-person truck bed awning designed to provide an off-ground camping site. It has an interior pocket and a built-in, sewn-in floor. This tent is suitable for sleeping two people, with ample head and leg room. Unlike many other truck bed awnings, the North-East Harbor can be used for long or short-bed trucks. The interior is spacious, with a maximum center height of 6.5 feet.

Guide Gear Full Size

If you're going on a camping trip, a Guide Gear Full Size 2 Person Fully Enclosed Truck Tent Camping Shelter is the perfect accessory. Made of 190-thread polyester with a 1500-millimeter water-resistant coating, this shelter is remarkably lightweight and easy to set up. This truck bed tent also includes storage pockets and mesh windows.

Napier Sportz Avalanche III

Invest in the convenience of an awning for your truck bed and tailgate with the Napier Sportz Avalanche III. This six-foot-by-six-foot awning attaches to the tailgate and includes a gear loft. A full-size rainfly and rear access door provide ample coverage. A sturdy carry bag is included for easy storage and transport.

The Sportz Avalanche III truck tent provides a warm, dry, and spacious sleeping area. It can be setup in about ten minutes, with its durable, waterproof fabric and color-coded tent sleeves. The Sportz Avalanche III is made for Chevy Avalanche models, and comes with a patented full floor design and expandable awning.

The Napier Sportz Avalanche III truck tent features a spacious sleeping area for two adults. It also has a patented sewn-in floor and no-see-um mesh windows for maximum ventilation and ease of entry. The Sportz Avalanche III features an interior gear loft with two large storage pockets and a gear loft.

The Napier Sportz Avalanche III truck bed and tailgate awnings & shelters have a unique color-coded pole assembly system. It will fit nearly any truck with a 6.5-foot bed. Its waterproof floor keeps rain and snow from getting in. The tailgate bar allows for easy operation without opening the vinyl window.

The Sportz SUV tent extends from the tailgate and provides additional shade and protection for your SUV or van. Featuring updated fiberglass pole construction, this truck bed tent is designed to fit your SUV or van. It features a large, spacious floor with bathtub-style flooring. The walls and ceiling are made of coated polyester. You can easily store it away when not in use.

The Sportz Truck Tent III can transform a flatbed pickup truck into a cozy tent for two people. Featuring a spacious interior with over five-half feet of headroom, it includes an exclusive sewn-in floor, two side vents, and a center divider. The Sportz Truck Tent III is easy to set up and unpack, and features a color-coded pole system. The canopy attaches directly to the tailgate, eliminating the need for guide ropes or tie-downs. It also includes a sturdy storage bag.

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