Best CIPA Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

CIPA Truck Tailgate Locks

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors are an excellent option for drivers looking to improve the visibility of their trailers. These mirrors are made of OE-grade glass for superior quality and durability. Their housing is made of ABS plastic for strength and rigidity, and their lens is scratch-resistant. CIPA mirrors also feature durable, polypropylene plastic wedges, which offer years of installation reliability. The mirrors are easy to install and can be purchased as a set or individually.

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors are an affordable way to improve your vehicle's towing vision. These mirrors slide over your vehicle's existing mirrors, leaving no visible marks on the vehicle. They are designed to fit your vehicle's specifications and feature a wedge-lock security system.

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors are easy to install and don't require any tools. Unlike some aftermarket towing mirrors, these mirrors are aerodynamic and won't scratch the original mirrors. Plus, they don't leave any unsightly marks on your vehicle's finish, making them a great option for truck owners.

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors provide improved rear visibility when towing a trailer. They extend the side views and can be adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle. In addition, they can also help you spot your trailer with greater ease. The towing mirrors come with installation instructions, ensuring a proper fit.

McGard Tailgate Lock

You can secure your truck's tailgate to keep thieves out. These locks have been made with truck owners in mind. This tailgate lock will prevent thieves from using your tailgate to open your truck and steal your cargo. The McGard Truck Tailgate Lock comes with a combination lock that can only be opened by the truck's owner.

This tailgate lock fits most recent models of pickup trucks and provides around the clock protection against theft. It doesn't interfere with the normal function of your tailgate and doesn't require any modifications to your truck. It also doesn't require keys or handle covers. Once installed, you will never have to remove the lock to open your tailgate again.

The McGard Tailgate Anti-Theft Lock is a lightweight security device that installs directly to the right hinge cup on your tailgate. It doesn't require tailgate modifications and uses a polycarbonate construction that's tougher than thieves. The lock comes with a one-year warranty. It also comes with a second matching key. If you need more security, you can register your Lock with McGard.

Prevents theft of pick-up truck tailgates

Installing a tailgate lock is a simple precaution that can help prevent theft. These devices work by locking the hinge mechanism of the tailgate. Some are electronic, while others require a key to operate. Either way, these devices prevent theft of pick-up truck tailgates.

Installing a security camera on your tailgate is another way to prevent theft. These cameras record any activity around your vehicle and can intimidate a thief. You can also get your tailgate etched with your vehicle identification number for fast recovery. This will increase your chances of catching the perpetrator.

You can also install a hose clamp to prevent theft. Place it around the notch of the quick release tailgate on the bottom side. Moreover, locking your vehicle is still the best way to prevent theft. You can also hide valuable items in the vehicle, which will discourage thieves.

Preventing theft of pick-up truck tailgates can help you avoid getting robbed. Many thieves will sell the items they steal online or scrap them. Therefore, it is vital to install a tailgate lock on your truck. It is also essential to etch your vehicle's identification number on the tailgate. By following these tips, you can help prevent theft of pick-up truck tailgates.

Besides locking the tailgate, you can also place your pickup truck in a locked garage. This is a common way to prevent theft. However, you should also consider locking your truck against the building walls if you are not going to park it in a garage. This will prevent thieves from lifting the tailgate.

The theft of pick-up truck tailgates has become a serious problem in the area, and police are warning truck owners to protect their vehicles. Keeping your truck locked will help protect your belongings, as thieves can easily remove an unlocked tailgate within 30 seconds.

If you suspect a tailgate theft, call the police. It's easy to steal a tailgate without a lock, but it can cost thousands of dollars to replace. It's also not uncommon to see the stolen tailgates at chop shops or online. If you're suspicious of a potential thief, try looking for security cameras near the area. These cameras might capture video footage of the theft. You can also call the police if you recognize the culprit.

Cost of tailgate locks

If you're looking for a lock to secure the tailgate of your truck, there are many different options available. Some trucks are fitted with factory installed tailgate locks, which can be unlocked manually, while others can be operated with a remote control. Cost is an important factor when choosing a lock for your truck.

Cost depends on whether you want a manual or automatic tailgate lock. Manual locks can cost up to $100. Auto lock companies usually offer the replacement cylinder for less than $100, not including taxes. This price does not include any special installation or special location. The cylinder was once manually operated to lock and unlock the tailgate, but most of them are now integrated into a central locking system. Some of them even have sensors that can read the right key to open the tailgate.

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