Best Bedslide Truck Bed Mats in 2022

Bedslide Truck Bed Mats

If you want to maximize your truck bed space, you can use a Cargo Slide. These slide-in truck bed mats extend the length of your truck bed by up to 75%. They are great for storing and securing your gear. The sides of the Bedslide Truck Mats are powder-coated for a durable finish. To keep your gear secure, they also come with 4"-high side rails.

Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cargo Slide

The Cargo Ease Heritage Series Truck Bed Cartgo Slide Mat is designed for easier loading and unloading. It features a tough automotive-grade grey carpet and a solid plywood deck. The slide locks into the open and closed position and is compatible with tonneau covers and bed caps. It is made to last for years. Its features make it an excellent choice for pickup truck owners who want to maximize their cargo space.

This Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cartgo Slide Mat makes it easy to load and unload up to 1,2000 pounds. Its design eliminates strain and stooping to access cargo. It provides easy organization and secure storage for all of your supplies. Its T-handle makes it easy to operate and secure all items. If you want to keep your truck cargo secure, the Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cartgo Slide Mat is the perfect solution for your needs.

Made of polyethylene coated plywood, the cargo slide is sturdy and durable. It can support up to 1000 pounds of weight when distributed evenly. The dual cargo slide comes with a pre-assembled design for easy installation. Sealed roller bearings make operation smooth and easy. The Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cargo Slide Mat features three different locking positions, ensuring a secure fit for your cargo.

The Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cartgo Slide comes with detailed instructions and can be installed by a person with at least two hands. Installation is a breeze and the product is sturdy and comes fully assembled. A friend can help if you don't have four hands. The Heritage truck bed cargo slide can be installed by two or four people, but older drivers may need assistance with installation.

The Commercial version of the Cargo Ease Heritage Truck Bed Cartgo Slide is designed for heavy-duty applications. It is made of high-quality plywood and comes with a rubber mat. Its four-inch aluminum side rails and sealed roller bearings make it durable and easy to use. With a robust locking mechanism, it is secure and prevents the bed from being accidentally opened.

The Heritage Cargo Slide is operated by a spring-release T-handle that can be locked into position. The Heritage Cargo Slide can be locked into position from within the truck bed to the fully extended position. It can be locked in any position and comes with a 5-Year Warranty. It will fit securely inside your truck bed, but if you need to remove it later, it can easily be slid out and folded away.

Cargo Ease Hybrid Truck Bed Cargo Slide

Installing the Cargo Ease Hybrid truck bed cargo slide is simple and easy. The slide comes fully assembled with installation instructions. Four hands are best, but two will work. The cargo slide comes fully assembled, so the installer should spend less than 30 minutes. Once installed, the slide allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo. It's also compatible with steel and aluminum body trucks.

The Cargo Ease Hybrid truck bed cargo slide features a three-quarter inch plywood deck that's coated with polyethylene for durability. The slide can hold as much as 1,200 pounds evenly, and the side-rails are four inches high. The slide locks into place when it's fully open. It comes with comprehensive operating instructions and a five-year warranty.

The Cargo Ease Hybrid truck bed mats are made of durable polyethylene with a rubberized finish. They're easy to install and take off, and will prevent cargo from sliding out. Hybrid series cargo slides can fit over a tonneau cover and caps. A robust locking mechanism keeps the bed in place. And, they're also compatible with tonneau covers.

If you're looking for a way to simplify loading and unloading your truck, the Cargo Ease Hybrid truck bed cargo slide is a great solution. The sliding system makes it easy to load and unload cargo and prevents sagging. And thanks to its sealed roller-bearings, it can stretch as long as 75% of your truck bed!

The Cargo Ease Hybrid truck bed mats are made of composite material, and are designed for trucks that have factory cargo management track systems. The system is lightweight and durable, and weighs 50 lbs. The sliding system is also equipped with a full-width grab bar and multiple locking points for added security. The sliding system has multiple tie-down accessories and a lifetime warranty.

Cargo Ease's Hybrid truck bed mats are available in two different versions: Commercial and Heritage. The Commercial Series comes with a 1/4-inch HD rubber mat, which protects the sliding deck as well as cargo. In addition to a sliding cargo tray, the Cargo Ease Truck Bed Slide helps you access the cargo in the truck bed with ease. It eliminates crawling and aching backs from reaching into the bed.

Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Cargo Slide

Designed specifically for truck beds, the Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Carry Slide Mat consists of a 3/4-inch ultra-ply deck with a polyethylene coating and a 1/4-inch rubber mat. With a maximum load capacity of 1,200 pounds per slide, this bed accessory is an excellent choice for transporting bulky cargo. The slide's three locking positions enable it to be extended as much as 70% of the length of your bed.

The Cargo Ease Dual truck bed cargo slide offers truck owners a unique opportunity to get two cargo slides for the price of one. The dual slide is ideal for placing a generator on one side while tools and other items on the other side. There are many possible uses for this versatile bed accessory. You can even place the car generator on one side and tools on the other, depending on how large your truck is.

Installation of the Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Cabin Slide is easy and quick. The slide is easy to install, featuring eight-inch aluminum side rails and a solid linkage locking mechanism. It also features a T-handle for easy loading and unloading. It is also equipped with loading ramps. The Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Cargo Slide Mat comes pre-assembled to make the installation process as quick and easy as possible. It features sealed roller bearings for smooth operation. It also includes an integrated rubber mat to prevent cargo from sliding off.

While working out of a truck can be great, it can be annoying if your truck becomes an office. In this case, the Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Cargo Slide Mat is the perfect solution. With these dual truck bed cargo slide mats, you can finally work out of your truck without crawling around the jenny. Not only will it give your truck a rugged new look, but it will also help you access your cargo without wasting time.

This durable and economical Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Slide Mat is ideal for frequent weekend trips and hauling heavy goods. The deck extends to 75% of your truck's bed, making it convenient and comfortable for both you and your cargo. It also comes equipped with a noise-reducing system. Featuring a four-inch aluminum side rails and four sealed roller bearings, it is capable of handling up to 1200 lbs of cargo. Its robust locking mechanism also helps to lock it in place.

This cargo slide is made from durable composite material that is highly resistant to any weather conditions. It is built to carry a heavy payload and has multiple locking points. The slide is 3/4 out of the truck bed and features a full-width grab bar. It is weather-proof and comes with numerous tie-down accessories. A lifetime warranty is included in the purchase. You can easily install the Cargo Ease Dual Truck Bed Cargo Slide Mat yourself.

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