Best Bedrug Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners in 2022

Bedrug Truck Bed & Tailgate Liners

If you own a truck, you may want to invest in a new liner to protect the bed and side walls from mud and debris. Bedrug Truck Bed Liners are made from durable Polypropylene. This material is water-proof, so it will stay dry even during a rainstorm. These liners are also made of TPO material that is non-skid, so they won't sag or become brittle. This truck bed liner is great because it will protect your truck's side walls and will look good once installed.


If you've always wanted to make the most of the bed space in your truck, consider installing a durable BedRug truck bed & tailgate liner. Made from tough polypropylene and custom-molded to fit the contours of your truck bed, these liners are practical, long-lasting, and look great. BedRug liner features patented front corners, non-pooling side walls, and skid-resistant floors. Whether you're hauling groceries or sports gear, this durable truck bed liner offers maximum protection and comfort.

The material used to manufacture the BedRug Mat is UV-protected and has a rich finish. The ribbed surface of the mat helps prevent dents and allows water to drain away from the bed. Unlike conventional truck bed liners, this mat's durable construction won't absorb water or absorb odors. The material used in these liner is easy to clean.

Full bed liners are more expensive than truck mats, but they protect the entire truck bed. In addition to protecting the bed floor, full bed liners protect the side walls of your truck's tailgate and bed rails. Full bed liners are also a better option for those looking for an economical option. They offer the same level of protection as truck mats, but protect the entire truck bed.


Whether you're hauling heavy goods in the bed or hauling kids to school, Soft Berug Truck & Tailgate Mats offer comfort and protection from scuffs and scratches. This mat fits over any spray-on or plastic drop-in liner and is custom-molded to fit your truck. You can quickly and easily install and remove it, making it perfect for when you trade your truck in for a new one. Unlike spray-on or hard drop-in bed liners, this mat can also be paired with a Tailgate Cover to provide rear coverage. A Limited Life Warranty protects your investment.

With durable, UV and fade resistant material, Soft Berug Truck Bed & Tailgate liners are an excellent choice for truck bed and tailgate bed protection. Its pliable surface prevents slips and keeps heavy loads in place. And with non-skid cushioning properties, Soft Bedrug will ward off stains and prevent mold and mildew. It can be purchased through your local auto parts store or at your local dealership.

The Tailgate Mat by Soft Berug is easy to install. It doesn't need any drilling or cutting, and features a convenient hook and loop fastener to secure it to the bed and tailgate. The mat comes with installation instructions and customer service. It will protect your truck bed from stains and spills, keeping it looking good and smelling fresh. The bedrug tailgate mat is made of soft, durable material that can be easily cleaned.


BedRug Truck Bed liners are a great option for protecting your cargo and ensuring the cargo stays put. Made of 100% plastic, these bed liners are tough but pliable, preventing damage from scratching your cargo. They can be installed in minutes and are more durable than spray-on or drop-in bed liners. You can also use them as a seat for tailgating or even as a bed for camping.

BedRug bed liners are custom-fitted to each specific model of truck, providing a void-free surface for cargo and gear. The bed liners also prevent accumulated debris from clogging the factory tie-downs. This lining is made of a special foam similar to life jackets and will not absorb water. Instead, the liner runs through the factory drain holes and dries in a matter of 20 minutes.

For added protection, you can purchase the BedRug Bed Mat, which is molded and custom-fit to the vehicle's bed and tailgate. If you don't want to buy a new bed liner, you can simply opt for a BedRug mat. This bed mat is made from 3/4-inch foam that is custom-fit to your truck. It uses hook-and-loop fasteners, allowing you to install the bed rug with no drilling and no tools.


Among truck accessories, eco-friendly Bedrug Truck and Tailgate Liner is the latest in innovative truck bed protection. Made from polypropylene, this liner is durable enough to protect your cargo from scratches and spills. Its hook-and-loop fasteners ensure a secure fit and minimize the effect of spills and stains on your truck's bed.

This bedliner provides an added layer of protection and looks great on any truck. Its durable material resists gasoline, oil and most chemicals, and is also non-flammable. Bedrug products are easy to install and provide a cushioned ride for delicate cargo. Installation is quick and easy, and custom-molded to fit your truck bed perfectly. And because they're made from 100% recyclable material, you can be rest assured of a great value.

When it comes to protecting your cargo, the most significant benefit of using eco-friendly BedRug is comfort. While traditional truck bed mats only cover the bed floor, the bed liner protects the interior sidewalls and tailgate as well. Other standard truck bed mats cost less but don't provide the same benefits as BedRug. So, what is the difference? What's so great about BedRug?

UV resistant

Protect your truck bed and tailgate from damage with UV resistant Bedrug Truck & Trailer Bed Liners. With UV protection, they will last for years and won't fade, discolor, or peel. BedRug Truck & Trailer Bed Liners are also watertight. They are available in several styles to suit your needs. To learn more, read on to learn more about the many features these bed liners offer.

A good UV resistant Bedrug truck bed liner protects your truck's bed and tailgate while also offering a great look. The UV resistant polypropylene material is tough, yet gentle on your knees. The liner is made to provide protection from UV rays and chemicals while still allowing access to factory tie-downs and bed accessories. The material is also easy to clean, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are concerned about the appearance of their vehicle.

UV resistant and tear-resistant, the BedRug Mats prevent shifting and scrapes from spilling onto the bed. The material used in these mats is extra thick and includes rubber cleats on the bottom for a secure fit. They resist most chemical spills, and the mats will never crack or rust. Designed to fit factory truck beds and tailgates, they also protect your cargo and provide a comfortable working surface for you and your passengers.

Easy to install

Installation of Easy to install Bedrug Truck and Tailgate-Bed Liners is relatively straightforward. The first step is to clean your truck bed thoroughly. Then, you'll need to apply adhesive promoter to the tailgate and the top of the bedrug. Carefully peel off the backing and position the bedrug over the tailgate, aligning the sides. Once the adhesive promoter is secured, roll the material into position and zip-lock it in place.

Easy-to-install BedRug Truck and Tailgate-Bed Liners protect the cargo and make for a more comfortable ride. The soft, cushiony surface is impregnated with 3M adhesive. This makes them easy to clean, and they also provide a knee-friendly workspace for drivers. The product is made of polypropylene, which looks and feels like carpeting. The best part is that they're water and stain-resistant. The bed liners' hinge keeps small debris and dirt out of the bed.

Easy-to-install BedRug Truck Mats and Tailgate Mats provide excellent protection for the cargo area. Made from closed-cell polypropylene, these mats are impact-resistant and don't absorb liquids. They're easy to clean and won't damage your truck's paint. They're designed to fit specific make and model trucks, and even come with a limited lifetime warranty.


The Warranty on your Bedrug Truck & Tailgate Mat is as strong as your pickup truck. These bedliners can withstand a beating and are durable, yet not all bedliner manufacturers offer the same warranty. To find out if your bedliner is covered, Consumer Reports reviewed the warranties on four major bedliner brands and discussed the specific language with an attorney. Read on for more information.

A bed liner will protect your truck's bed while adding style to your vehicle. The bedliner provides a cushioned ride for delicate cargo, while preventing the truck bed from scuffing and scratching. The non-skid material and closed-cell foam used in the BedRug truck bed and tailgate bed liner will not absorb spilled liquids. Additionally, these products will not damage your truck's paintwork or rust. The Bedrug warranty covers installation.

Unlike other truck bed liners, a durable BedRug truck bed liner is made of 100% polypropylene plastic, which will not affect your vehicle's finish. It will also prevent any debris from accumulating in the bed. The foam liner is also UV resistant, and is easy to clean. It also has a hinge that prevents small debris from falling between the tailgate and bed.

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