Best Beatnik Indoor Surfboard Storage in 2022

Beatnik Indoor Surfboard Storage

If you want a secure place to store your surfboards, Beatnik Trading's surfboard racks are a good option. These racks have pre-drilled holes for easy installation, and mounting hardware is included. They can store any size surfboard or standup paddleboard. The surfboard holders feature foam strips that are securely mounted on a peg mounted on the base for visual appeal. The beatnik indoor surfboard rack is a safe and environmentally friendly way to store your boards.

Beatnik Trading

If you're looking for a great indoor surfboard storage solution, you should consider buying a product from Beatnik Trading. Their products are mainly in the sports and outdoor category and include items like indoor surfboard storage and stand-up paddleboard storage. They also offer a variety of sculptures, which might be just the right accessory for you. You can read customer reviews to find out if their products are right for you.

Choosing the perfect surfboard rack depends on a few factors, not the least of which is the amount of space you have to store your surfboards. For example, you might have enough space to fit a surfboard storage rack on one wall, but you may find that it is inconvenient to climb up a staircase or turn the surfboard rack in the other wall. You should also take into account whether there are any doors or stairs that would block your access to the rack.

While other brands of surfboard racks are made of plastic, Beatnik offers a wooden version made of eco-friendly materials. The company uses non-endangered trees in the construction of its products, and each piece is hand-carved. The racks have a variety of mounting options to secure the boards.

The Kaua'i Series

The Kaua'i Series is the world's most premium horizontal surfboard hanger. This bamboo-based rack allows you to display your surfboard with fins in or out and features convenient utility hooks. These cradles also feature a Mounting Bar System for easy installation and adjustability.


The Beatnik Indoor Surfboard Storage system is an environmentally-friendly option for storing surfboards. Most of their products are made from recycled materials and are certified by the ECOBOARD project. The company also produces boards from balsawood, which is native to the forests of Brazil, Bolivia and parts of Mexico.

The Beatnik system features a unique design for securing your boards. Each rack comes with predrilled holes for direct wall stud mounting, and the hardware is included. The rack can hold any size surfboard or standup paddleboard. Each holder is equipped with a foam strip to protect the board from damage, and a peg is mounted on the base for added safety.

The materials used in the production process are also eco-friendly. For example, the bamboo rack used by Beatnik Indoor Surfboard Storage is made of 100% natural wood, which means it is free of chemicals and toxins. Moreover, the bamboo racks are a stunning display of your surfboards, which can enhance your stoke for surfing.

The Beatnik Indoor Surfboard Storage is a sustainable option for surfboard storage. Its environmentally-friendly design is perfect for homes, offices and other buildings, and can hold up to four surfboards. It also holds all your surfing accessories, and is also easy to access. It is also available in freestanding versions for those who don't have wall space.

Easy to assemble

If you need a way to safely store your surfboards indoors, the easy assemble Beatnik indoor surfboard rack is the perfect solution. This stylish rack comes with predrilled holes for mounting to studs in your wall and includes the necessary hardware to install it. The rack can accommodate any size standup paddleboard or surfboard. It features foam strips on holders and a peg mounted on the base to keep the boards secure. Aside from safety and visual appeal, the Beatnik also features a unique design that will add a splash of color to your home.

The Beatnik indoor surfboard storage rack comes with a bamboo stand that will help you display your boards. Its unique design also allows you to display your surfboards either with the fins on or off. It is easy to assemble and is built with convenient utility hooks. It also comes with a Mounting Bar System, which makes it easy to adjust the cradles.

Available in Guernsey

If you live in Guernsey and are looking for indoor surfboard storage, then you have come to the right place. The Beatnik Wooden Hands Surfboard Wall Rack Large can be shipped to the island without any hassle. They ship their products from all over the world and guarantee safe and timely delivery.

Where to buy

If you're looking for a great place to store your surfboard, you should consider buying a Beatnik board rack. These racks have wooden carved designs and are great conversation pieces. They also give your surfboard the proper home it deserves. There are many places online where you can purchase these items.

One of the best places to buy one is from desertcart. This online store has been operating since 2014, and it is completely legitimate. It also has a high rating with many satisfied customers. Its website uses an HTTPS system, which keeps customer information protected. In addition to this, desertcart is available to customers in 164 countries, making it easy to buy without hassle.

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