Best BAK Truck Tonneau Covers in 2022

BAK Truck Tonneau Covers

BAK Truck Tonneau Covers provide maximum theft protection while offering full bed access when you need to access your truck's bed. This hard folding cover also features a built-in buckle system that allows you to drive with the cover closed. Regardless of whether you're hauling groceries or sporting goods, BAK Truck Tonneau Covers will ensure your cargo's safety.

Roll-X Tonneau Cover

BAK trucks can now enjoy the convenience and security of a Roll-X Tonneau Cover. It functions like a traditional hard tonneau cover, but is made from a durable aluminum construction. It also locks into place for added security and stability. When folded down, it can be used for additional storage space, and it works with the truck's tailgate locks for added protection.

The Roll-X Tonneau Cover for Bak trucks is an evolution in the industry and has merged two of the most popular tonneau features. Bak has done an excellent job with its BakFlip line of products, and it has a great deal of variety and features to choose from.

The BAK Roll-X Tonneau Cover for BACK trucks is made from vinyl-covered aluminum for toughness. It is available for most domestic and imported pickup trucks. Whether you need to haul large or light loads, this durable tonneau cover is a great choice.

The Revolver X4s is another option to consider. This cover has a matte black finish and features BAK's patented rotational locking rails. It is easy to install and remove. It also requires no drilling. You can install it yourself in as little as an hour.

BackFlip Tonneau Cover

The BAK BackFlip MX4 is a premium-quality tonneau cover with heavy-duty aluminum matte-finish panels that provide superior scratch and UV resistance. The MX4 also features an enhanced premium density foam core and latch housing components. It also features an integrated tailgate seal for easy closing with the tailgate in the open or closed position.

This aluminum tonneau cover offers a low-profile, watertight fit and a large storage capacity. It is made in the USA with a 5-year warranty and a high-end design. This tonneau cover is a good choice for a wide variety of vehicles.

The BAK BackFlip Tonneau Cover has many features that make it a great investment for any truck owner. Its fiberglass reinforced polymer material provides superior impact resistance. It also has rubber bumpers to protect from the elements. It also has an aluminum base for structural support. And its advanced hitch and latch system makes it incredibly secure.

The BAK BackFlip Tonneau Cover is a great option for carrying large items. Its patented latch system secures the cargo bed with a locking tailgate and has a patented buckle system to make access to the bed easy. It is also made in the USA, which means buying a BAK product keeps jobs in the USA.

The BAK BackFlip Tonneau Cover is available in various styles to fit your needs. Its innovative security system, weather resistance, and versatility make it the best choice for truck bed storage. Besides the BAK BackFlip Tonneau Cover, BAK also manufactures the Revolver X2 and X4 hard roll-up truck bed covers.

Roll-N-Lock LG101M Locking Retractable M-Series Cover

The Roll-N-Lock LG101M locking retractable M-Series tonneau cover offers a premium vinyl surface and an aluminum substrate that slats together for strength and smooth movement. It also has a convenient handle with finger insulator grips and secures with two concealed pins. Moreover, it allows for maximum storage space.

Unlike some other tonneau covers, this Roll-N-Lock LG101M locking retractable M-Series cover is easy to use and features a locking latch for added security. It is designed with a dual latch system for ease of use and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Revolver X4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover is a great option for a variety of vehicles. Its sturdy vinyl construction is resistant to scratching and offers excellent protection for cargo. This cover is available in a variety of colors and finishes. It's also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Designed for maximum protection and ease of use, the BAK Revolver X4 is built tough and offers a smooth, seamless look. It features a simple string latch for easy one-handed operation and a slam latch and rotation rails to prevent the cover from sliding off. You can install it with basic hand tools and can complete the process in about an hour.

BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover is designed for vehicles with a truck bed that is at least four feet long. Its aluminum slats are interlocked and secured with patented rotational locking rails. It fits snugly onto the side rails of a truck and won't obstruct the rear view mirror. It also offers enhanced strap and buckle systems to ensure a secure and convenient fit.

When it comes to hard folding tonneau covers, BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover is one of the best options. Its sleek design and low-profile design made it a popular choice for drivers. It has a matte black finish that matches the vehicle's exterior. It also has a heavy-duty strap system that makes it easy to use with fifth-wheel towing equipment.

BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover is made of industrial-grade vinyl and interlocking aluminum slats. It has a lock with a pull cord. The lock can only be opened when the tailgate is opened. This cover also has rotational locking rails and an automatic slam latch for maximum security.

Lo Pro Tonneau Cover

The Lo Pro Tonneau Cover is a low-profile, tear-resistant cover that mounts above the truck's bed. The cover has a patented auto tension control system and anodized single-trigger latch. It can be easily removed and reinstalled with one finger. Moreover, the cover's industrial grade vinyl construction is both tear and weather-resistant. It's also backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Truxedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover is the best-selling roll-up tonneau cover on the market. Its sleek appearance and convenient features make it a popular choice among truck owners. The cover is backed by a lifetime factory warranty and is made of high-quality materials. Its frame is made of heavy duty anodized aluminum, and the tarp is made of durable double-coated vinyl with UV-resistant coating.

It also has an automatic tension control system that helps prevent it from slipping open. This cover offers a waterproof seal, which is ideal for storing a boat or other items. Its design also keeps the contents of your truck's bed out of sight. This means your cargo will be safe from rain, snow, and other elements.

The Lo Pro Tonneau Cover for BAK trucks is an excellent option for truck owners who want a hard, durable cover. It's easy to remove and reinstall. It weighs only 40 lbs when it's removed and doesn't interfere with stakehole pockets on the truck. Moreover, it works well with tie downs and overhead truck racks.

TruXedo, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on its products. This warranty covers tonneau rails, clamps, and bows, and covers. The company guarantees that new products are free of defects. You must be the original buyer of the product to be covered under the warranty.

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