Best Automotive Tailgate Nets in 2022

Automotive Tailgate Nets

There are several different types of Automotive Tailgate Nets. We will discuss the pros and cons of Pro Net, Covercraft, and Collegiate Series tailgate nets. Each of these brands offer a unique design, but we will focus on the most popular models. These products will fit most full size pickup trucks and are available in two different sizes. Both are made of heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester. The Pro Net measures 17"x45".


If you're in the market for a replacement tailgate net, you've come to the right place. There are several top-rated products from manufacturers like Pilot Automotive, Covercraft, RBP, Bully, and TC Sportline. Here's a look at the top one product, which has received honest feedback from 386 customers and an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars. Let's get started.


If you're interested in adding a custom-looking tailgate net to your vehicle, consider the performance series Pro Net Tailgate Net from Covercraft. Made with a durable 22-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric, this tailgate net will keep your cargo from blowing off the back of your vehicle. This product features a patented even-tensioning design for extra strength and ease of installation. Plus, it has a patterned grid that reduces wind drag and improves rear visibility.

ProNet Tailgate Net for Mini Pickup Trucks - Available in three classic colors, this net increases gas mileage by increasing air flow in your truck bed. The ProNet is easy to install, with four mounting holes and stainless steel mounting hardware. ProNet (tm) is compatible with most models of pickup trucks and mini-trucks. It is made of heavy-duty 22-oz vinyl-coated polyester and comes with stainless-steel mounting hardware.

Car bra - Another great option is a car bra. These products protect the front of your car from dents, dings, and scratches. They are particularly useful for classic cars, as you don't want to drive around with bugs on the front end. The covercraft covers are the best choice for classic car owners, protecting both the interior and exterior of the car. They're also the most economical solution available.

Tailgate net - This tailgate cover comes with 6 loop fasteners, which will allow you to quickly install the cover. It fits the tailgate of a 1997 GMC Sonoma. All you have to do is drill three small holes on the sides of your truck. The net is easily attached and secures. Unlike the tailgate nets, these covers won't damage your vehicle's body or rust when exposed to harsh weather.

Pro Net

Pro Net is a leading manufacturer of truck tailgate nets. The patented ProNet design is durable and provides even tension from top to bottom. Each net comes with stainless steel mounting hardware. Pro Net tailgate nets are simple to install and come in a variety of colors and styles. Pro Net tailgate nets are perfect for pickup trucks of all sizes, as they will fit your vehicle's unique tailgate opening without requiring modifications.

The Runner Series is a great option for drivers on a budget. It comes in a variety of colors to blend in with the rest of your vehicle or contrast with your custom look. They are easy to install, with hardware included and detailed instructions. NAPA AUTO PARTS sells Pro Net tailgate nets with a one-year warranty. The Runner Series is available in full-size 18"x59" and compact/mini 15"x49" sizes.

Covercraft Performance Series Pro Net Tailgate Net solves the drag problem in pickup trucks. This net allows air to flow freely through the tailgate and increases MPG. The patented tension-adjustment system allows the net to remain securely in place even after a long period of time. The net is durable and made from vinyl coated polyester fabric. It comes with steel mounting hardware. If you're considering buying a Covercraft tailgate net, be sure to choose the right one for your vehicle.

In addition to enhancing aerodynamics, tailgate nets can help you save money on fuel. They let air pass through your tailgate, reducing wind drag and improving fuel economy. The Nets are available in several colors and styles. Choose one that matches your truck and your personality. The benefits of tailgate nets are numerous. You can get a net for your truck of any type of vehicle. You'll be glad you did.

Collegiate Series

Collegiate Series Automotive Tailgate Nets feature high-reflective material to let you show off your favorite team's logo day and night. They can be customized to match your pick-up truck and increase gas mileage. The tailgate nets come in three sizes: full-size, compact/mini, and mini. In addition to the large size, they can be custom-colored to match your vehicle's style.


Ossia automotive tailgate net is a low profile, powder coated net for your truck's tailgate. Unlike some tailgate nets, this one does not interfere with the look of your vehicle. Its straps stay tight, even while you drive, and have been tested for 300 miles. The net is not very easy to install, however, since you have to untwist it and re-twist it every time.

In addition to keeping small and large items from falling out, this car tailgate net also protects your cargo from dirt. It comes with a dirt-proof drawstring storage bag. The straps are long enough to reach under the seat or the trunk. Its 5" x 5" mesh squares prevent both small and large items from falling out. The mesh is durable and strong enough to fit truck beds, trailers, and lorries.

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