Best Autoloc Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

How to Install and Modify Autoloc Truck Tailgate Locks

Autoloc Truck Tailgate Locks are a great way to secure your tailgate without having to remove the tailgate. Not only are they easy to install and modify, they also add convenience and an OEM-style look. Regardless of your needs, Autoloc Tailgate Locks will provide you with years of trouble-free use and convenience.

Easy to install

Easy to install Autoloc Truck Tailgate Lock mechanisms are easy to install. The locking mechanism is installed on the right side of the tailgate with the included bolt. The lock should be snug when in place. The wiring grommet is held in place by three clips, two on the tailgate and one in the truck bed. The green arrow shows the release button for one clip, and the yellow arrow shows the top tab of the other clip.

Next, you need to feed the wires into the proper holes. Make sure to leave about three inches of the wiring harness under the bed. Then, bundle the excess wire inside the tailgate. Secure the end with zip ties. You can also remove the center console if you want to make extra space for the wiring.

The Easy to install Autoloc Truck Tailgate Lock is an easy-to-install product that offers OEM factory looks and convenience. They secure your tailgate and prevent thieves from opening your cargo bed. These locks come with mounting hardware and easy-to-understand instructions. You can even install them yourself if you are comfortable with wiring and installing auto-locks.

Easy to modify

You can modify your Autoloc truck tailgate locks to add a new latch mechanism. Specifically, you can modify the latch mechanism's operating rod so it moves closer to the threaded end of the actuator. To perform this modification, you will need to remove the tailgate and remove the ash tray. Next, you will need to find the relay block, which is located at the center of the truck. Once there, you'll need to remove the gas pedal, cup holder, and driver's footwell vent. Next, you will have to thread new wires through the firewall and frame, and to the tailgate. You'll also need to fabricate a mounting bracket.

The tailgate locking assembly has many mechanical parts. The assembly latches to the tailgate handle and contains a cylinder that locks and unlocks the tailgate. If it stops working properly, you'll need to replace the assembly. However, this process is not as easy as it may sound. If you can't do it yourself, you can take your truck to a mechanic to have it replaced.

Provides convenience

AutoLoc Truck Tailgate Locks provide convenience and security for a variety of applications. Whether you drive a large truck or a small van, you can find an AutoLoc tailgate lock to secure the tailgate and keep the contents safe. These locks are easy to install and remove.

These tailgate locks are designed to automatically lock the truck's tailgate when the truck's doors are locked. They can also be used as remote-entry systems for pickup trucks. These units install inside the tailgate and tie in with the existing power door lock and remote-entry system. Once you've locked your truck doors, you can use the tailgate lock to keep your cargo safe.

AutoLoc Truck Tailgate Locks are compatible with most trucks. Their patented locking mechanism prevents unauthorized use of the truck's tailgate and offers convenience and security. You can install them in just a few minutes and don't need to worry about losing the keys.

The Pop & Lock keyed tailgate lock is another great option. These tailgate locks fit right under the handle and install quickly. The Pop & Lock tailgate lock also looks great, with a raised lock for convenience. The Pop & Lock tailgate lock comes with two keys and mounting hardware. They also come with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

O.E. look

The OEM look of Autoloc Truck Tailgate Locks is ideal for those who want to maintain a stock look while still protecting the tailgate. These locks are made of austempered steel and can be installed without any tools. They are also suitable for tonneau covers and truck caps.

The installation process requires accessing the relay block located in the middle of the truck, which can be reached by removing the cup holder and the ash tray. It also requires removing the gas pedal and the driver's footwell vent to access the wiring. The next step is to splice new wires and run them through the frame and firewall of the truck. A new mount bracket is also required, which is fabricated by welding a 1/8" diameter metal rod to the lock mechanism.


Autoloc Truck Tailgate Locks are a great way to protect your truck and its contents. The tailgate lock can prevent thieves from opening the tailgate and removing the bed contents. Replacing a tailgate can cost you thousands of dollars, but a tailgate lock can save you that money and save you the inconvenience of having to replace the tailgate.

The locking assembly on the tailgate has several mechanical parts that work together to secure the tailgate. These include a latching cylinder and a cylinder that locks and unlocks the tailgate. If these parts stop working, it will be difficult to lock or unlock the tailgate. If you do need to open the tailgate, you can take your truck to a mechanic to replace the assembly.

Installing an Autoloc truck tailgate lock is fairly simple. The wiring is located in the cab and tailgate. Then, it attaches to a connector that extends from the cab. The installation is simple and takes less than 30 minutes with basic hand tools. The installation is backed by a limited life warranty.

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