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ACCESS Covers - Truck Bed & Tailgate Covers

If you're shopping for a new cover for your truck, you'll want to check out ACCESS Roll-Up Covers. They've been trusted by truck owners for over 25 years. ACCESS Roll-Up Covers have been thoroughly tested by truck owners and are guaranteed against workmanship defects. What's more, the company's 30-year warranty is the best in the industry.

ACCESS(r) Original Roll-Up Cover

ACCESS(r) Original Roll-up Covers are the flagship tonneau cover from a company that makes other quality tonneau covers. These roll-up covers open up to the bulkhead and are secured with buckle straps. They also keep items dry and protected with a unique Autlatch II latching system. Made in the USA, these covers are backed by a five-year warranty.

The Access Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is the best-selling tonneau cover from Access. It uses a unique ELEMENT SEAL(tm) Gasket to re-bounce raindrops and other liquids from your cargo. This cover is easy to install and maintain, thanks to its patented design. The Access Original Roll-Up Cover is designed to fit the exact dimensions of your truck bed and tailgate. It also features a manual slide lock, automatic latching system, and a proprietary ELEMENT SEAL(tm) Gasket.

The ACCESS(r) Original Roll-up Cover is a premium solution that sits 1-1/2 inches above the truck bed. It offers all-season protection and is incredibly durable. Its patented AUTOLATCH(tm) II Dual Locking System releases both latches simultaneously, which protects cargo and your truck from weather elements. With its superior design and superior functionality, this cover will be with you for years to come.

The Access Original Roll-Up Cover has set the standard for truck covers since 1991. This cover rolls up in just seconds and fits securely behind the cab. The durable nylon straps and patented AUTOLATCH(tm) II Dual Locking System help secure the cover and prevent rips and tears. The ELEMENT SEAL(tm) Gasket adds even more protection at the bulkhead.

ACCESS(r) Slantback Rear Design

The ACCESS(r) Slantback Rear Design truck bed lining system features the only roll-up bed cover system that uses the SLANTBACK Rear Design to prevent chafing on the truck's paint. In addition, the SLANTBACK Rear Design protects the truck bed's tie downs from chafing as well.

The ACCESS(r) Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover sets the standard since 1991. This low-profile cover rolls up in a matter of seconds and is secured behind the cab for easy storage. Its durable nylon straps and patented AUTOLATCH(tm) II Dual Locking System provide extra security and protection for the bed. This cover has seals on four sides and the ELEMENT SEAL(tm) Gasket increases protection at the bulkhead.

The Access Vanish Cover is another excellent option for truck bed liners. This low-profile cover sits just 1/2-inch above the bed of the truck. It lacks the Slantback and premium storage straps of the Access Original, but has the XT-DIAL (tm) Tension Adjuster for hassle-free tension control. The Access Vanish Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is an excellent option for everyday use.

When choosing a truck bed lining system, it is important to look for a brand that will fit the model year and length of your pickup bed. The proper fit is essential for maximum protection. If you don't know which truck bed liner is right for you, take the time to do some research and ask a mechanic. Some models provide better grip than others, so check with your mechanic to make sure you get the right fit.

ACCESS(r) AutoLatch

ACCESS(r) AutoLatch is a locking truck bed cover that prevents dirt and water from entering your truck's bed. Its patented design allows you to lock and unlock your truck's bed lid while keeping it secure and accessible. The ACCESS(r) Original Roll-Up Cover sits one-half inch above the truck box and rolls up in a matter of seconds. With a cab guard design and patented AUTOLATCH(tm) II Dual Locking System, this truck bed cover locks and unlocks securely whenever you open your truck cab. Moreover, the ACCESS(r) Roll-Up Cover features a patented ELEMENT SEAL(TM) Gasket that increases cover protection at the bulkhead.

This locking cover is easy to install and remove. Simply turn the release knob to lock the cover and lift it towards the cab. The cover is a breeze to install and remove, and you'll appreciate the convenience. An auto-latching component automatically latches when it makes contact with the truck's bed. The ACCESS(r) AutoLatch truck bed & tailgate bed liner is perfect for any type of vehicle, and it works in conjunction with a coordinating ACCESS(r) AutoLatch tailgate cover.

Drop-in truck bed & tailgate bed liners are another excellent option. They're easy to install and are custom-molded to fit your truck's bed. Because of their durability, they're easy to clean and don't require drilling mounting holes, so they can be removed easily. They can also be used as part of a spray-in bed liner system.

Plastic bed liners can chafe the paint of your truck's bed. Plus, they can scuff or cover tie-downs in the bed. But a spray-on bed liner will last much longer and protect more from the harsh world. And since you're already paying a premium for the ACCESS(r) AutoLatch bed liner, you'll be glad you did.


A truck bed liner will protect your truck's tailgate while making loading cargo easier. These liners feature model-specific molds to fit perfectly. They won't rip or peel. You can also use your existing tie-downs to secure your cargo. Installing a liner is easy and takes only minutes. Just follow the installation instructions to apply the liner to your truck.

The Access Roll-Up Cover is the original roll-up tonneau cover that is the most popular in North America. It is compatible with drop-in bed liners, tailgate protectors, and bed rails. It is simple to install with its clamp-on design. And it boosts gas mileage by 10%! And, it protects your cargo and your truck. The best part is that it is made by Agri-Cover, Inc.

A spray-on bed liner is more durable than a plastic slide-in liner. It is applied just like paint and dries into a tough, scuff-free surface. No drilling is required. This type of liner is much stronger than plastic liners, and is often recommended for more rugged terrains. Many truck owners opt for professional installation, but you can also buy brush-on bed liner kits for DIY installation.

The Access Truck Mat protects your pickup's bed from dents and scratches and keeps cargo from sliding. Its marine-grade polyester top and foam backing are resistant to stains and tears. They're easy to clean and can be pressure-washed. The Access Truck Mat is environmentally friendly, too - it's made from 100% recycled soda bottles. Buying one will help protect the planet.

Rhino Linings' 5 protective coating

If you want a durable liner for your truck, consider the 5 protective coatings offered by Rhino Linings. These sprayed-on liners are resistant to 190degF temperatures. The material forms a direct bond to your truck bed, giving you maximum protection from corrosion. Additionally, these liners feel cooler than metal truck beds.

Rhino Linings' protective coatings are designed to last for years, and they're also compatible with most surfaces, including rocker panels and floor wells. They can also be applied to flat beds, dump beds, and emergency vehicles. These liners are easy to apply and can last for years. For more information, visit Rhino Linings' website.

The thicker material of Rhino helps to dampen sound, and it seems to grab objects better than Line-X. However, the thicker material is less durable than Line-X, and it doesn't follow the truck bed contours as well as Line-X. In addition, some dealers don't offer SolarMax or other new products. So, before you buy a liner, research it thoroughly and get recommendations from professionals.

The benefits of Rhino Linings' 5 protective coat for truck bed & tailgate liners are many. The material is non-slip and can even be hot when it's applied. You can also trust Rhino Linings dealers to do professional repairs. They have extensive experience in applying truck bed and tailgate liners, and will be able to make a seamless repair with no visible seams.

The Rugged Restore Barricade bed liner can be purchased in six different colors, and it's paintable. It also provides additional protection from scratches, rust, and weather-related damages. This product is applied with a roller, brush, or spray gun. It is packaged in a 32-ounce spray can and comes in a variety of colors.

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