Best 30 Inch Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Types of 30 Inch Truck Bed Toolboxes

There are several different types of 30 Inch Truck Bed Toolboxes on the market today. If you want to mount a toolbox without drilling any holes in your truck bed, you can find a J-clamp anchor to do so. The J-clamp anchor slips around the lip of your truck bed, while the face plate of the toolbox fits snugly against the flat underside of the bed rail. The toolbox bolts to the J-clamp anchor, securing it to the truck bed.

Condensed ARKSEN aluminum crate

If you're looking for a classic pickup truck toolbox, you'll probably prefer the ARKSEN aluminum crate. This crate is corrosion-resistant, locks out moisture, and allows you to pack your truck's bed with additional equipment. What's great about this toolbox is its affordable price compared to UWS tool boxes. It's also highly durable and locks securely.

Designed to fit perfectly in the truck bed, this toolbox is cut specifically for vehicles towing trailers. It also fits well on most A-frame trailers. A permanent organizational tool for your truck, this crate can hold anything from hand tools to wrenches. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, the crate is available with a poly or powder coat finish for a durable and attractive look.

This toolbox features additional mounts underneath the truck bed, and comes with a locking key. It's lightweight and easy to install. The included hardware makes it easy to install, and the tool box can be detached for carrying to other locations. The tool box is compatible with tonneau covers and is available in eight different sizes. The toolbox includes five bar treads that provide plenty of grip, while the crate's outer shell protects it from knocks.

For a truck bed that's not as tall as a full-sized pickup truck, this 36-inch toolbox is the right choice. It fits most trucks and fits on many models that have a TruXedo rail system. This toolbox requires drilling holes to attach to your truck bed or trailer. It also features a side-opening mechanism.

Diamond Tread

If you want to organize your tools and other small accessories, you need a tool box that has a diamond tread. The overall dimensions of this tool box are 30"W x 17"D x 18"H. It is made of sturdy aluminum and features hand-welded seams. Its diamond tread protects against corrosion and the elements, and it comes with a drop down door that makes it easy to access the tools inside.

For added security, you can opt for a truck box that has a recessed drop door. This box is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with an integrated hinge and locking die-cast latch system. In addition, you can use the included mounting brackets and aircraft-grade cables to keep your tools safe. Once installed, you'll be ready to go. Its slim design and smooth aluminum finish will keep your tools secure and safe.

Diamond-plated surfaces are also durable and resistant to corrosion. This means they can withstand harsh weather conditions. For example, truck drivers may be required to handle metal surfaces while driving in rain or snow. This means opening the toolbox's doors with gloves on. Diamond-plated surfaces make it easier to install the tool box and secure it to the mounting brackets. This makes it easier to handle the toolbox and avoid slipping.

UWS TBSD-63A-LP-BLK Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

The UWS TBSD-63A-IP-BLK Low-Profile Truck Tool is the perfect tool box for any truck bed. Its self-opening lid features struts to prevent jamming and provides a clear view of the rear of the truck bed while keeping out dirt, moisture, and insects. This box also features an adjustable handle to accommodate various heights and offers two colors: black or white.

The RigidCore (tm) lid design makes this truck tool box the ultimate in convenience and strength. Made of extra-thick one-piece aluminum, this tool box is highly corrosion-resistant. The lid also features stainless steel paddle lock lift handles for smooth opening and closing. This low-profile truck tool box can be easily installed in minutes and is made in the USA.

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