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VertiRackTM Vertical Ladder Racks








VertiRackTM Vertical Ladder Racks are the only infinitely

adjustable, truck side ladder racks available.

They offer full height side mounted vertical rails with adjustable

ladder support arms and ladder securing straps.








 Truck Side Ladder Rack







Stowing ladders on the side of the truck is as simple as

placing the ladders on the racks ladder support arms and hooking the ladder securing straps.



Removal is just the opposite; unhook the ladder securing

straps and lift the ladders from the ladder support arms.






          Ladder Rack (in use)




Rubber treaded ladder support arms and rubber ladder securing straps isolate ladders from rack contact, eliminating ladder wear.




   Ladder Support Arm (detail)






The ladder securing straps are molded of transportation grade rubber

which is impervious to hot or cold climates and is UV, salt and chemical







 Ladder Secured to Rack (detail)






Ladder Rack standoffs space the rack off the truck side, protecting

the truck from rack damage. Standoffs are available in a variety of

sizes to accommodate body reinforcing ribs and rub rails.







 Ladder Rack Standoff (detail)



VertiRackTM Truck Side Ladder Racks, adjustable aluminum ladder racks mount to the

truck side.