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VertiRackTM Customer Comments:


We now have three of our trucks outfitted with VertiRacks, they are high quality and easy to use. Great investment.


Barry L., WA


I have a newly purchased trailer rack I installed a few weeks ago, thought I'd send you an update after all the calls I made and questions I asked. It was very easy to install and looks and works great. Worth every penny! Thanks.


Charlie S., CA


I just wanted to let you know I purchased two roof rack frames for my box truck a while ago, I absolutely love them. They have since been moved to my newly purchased truck and are still in perfect condition. One of the best purchases I have made, very happy with your product.


Larry, MD


Ordered a 2 ladder rack for the side of my new trailer. I am meticulous about the products I use and the VertiRack is everything that was promised. The installation of the VertiRack makes the trailer. Thanks for a great product.


Chris, TX


Absolutely love my VertiRack, keeping the ladders on the side of my trailer makes life so much

easier. Well made, high tech European look. Thanks VertiRack!


Steve M., VA



Got a VertiRack for my box truck and it started out like the microwave oven, wasn't sure why I

needed it; now I can't live without it.


John, NY



Good product, well made & easy to use, recommend it highly.


Bob R., NY



I recently installed a VertiRack ladder rack on my service van above the compartment doors. It is a  2 ladder rack and holds my step and extension ladders very nicely. My ladders are much more accessible now that they are on the side of my truck rather than the roof. The rack is well made from aluminum and should last forever. Thanks for a great product.


Frank K.



I wanted to get something to hold my ladders on the side of my trailer. I liked the fact that the VertiRack was fully adjustable as I would be rotating 5 ladders on its 3 sets of supports.

That way I could choose the ladders I needed on the job and position the ladder hooks accordingly. It's working out very well and I really like just being able to walk up and pick my ladders from the trailer side. So much easier than before. I called VertiRack prior to my purchase and they answered all my questions and assured me I would love the rack. They were right, I love it.


John S., Green Bay, WI



I work for a telecom company that uses FRP sided service vans for its fleet, our trucks carry only one extension ladder to jobs, just in case roof access is required. We were using roof mounted rotational ladder racks which required some time and effort to remove or place the ladder on. Now our personnel just walk up to the VertiRack to remove or store the ladder. Works great, saves a lot of time and effort, as well as the cost savings to the company. The unit is nicely constructed and adds a higher tech look to our vans. What a great rack, can't believe this wasn't thought of earlier. Thanks VertiRack.





The vertical ladder rack was a good idea so I thought I might give it a try. I always thought side mounting some sort of rack would make life easier as I had a box truck with a ladder rack mounted to the roof. Climbing a ladder to get my ladders has always been a pain, so when I ordered my VertiRack I had high hopes. I got the 3 ladder box truck rack and it is a dream, I can get all three of my ladders on or off in about 5 minutes. The anodized aluminum looks great and all components are of excellent quality. I look forward to using it for years to come.


Chad S., PA



Vertical ladder rack, great idea. Aluminum and stainless steel construction, great idea even better.

I love my VertiRack ladder rack and the customer service was fantastic. Not knowing what size rack to order I called and spoke to Bill. He explained the vertical rack concept and walked me through my rack selection, paying significant attention to the mounting options available to me. The rack was ordered and I think shipped the same day. What great service, I recommend them highly.


Steve B., KS


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