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VertiRackTM History & Mission Statement



     A little bit of history about the VertiRack brand and VertiRack Manufacturing Co.


     VertiRack Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2007 after the discovery of an overlooked segment of the ladder rack market. In 2006 we had the need for a vertically mounted ladder rack. A vertical ladder rack that offered adjustability in ladder placement, and the ability to carry any type of ladder on the side of a vehicle. A rack that was easy to use, with positive retention of the ladders being carried and the ability to secure them against theft. A rack that would remain free of rust and oxidation, while continuing to look “like new” for life, and if removed would leave minimal evidence that it was ever mounted to the vehicle. Necessity being the mother of invention; and after a nine month exhaustive search of ladder rack manufactures, truck up-fitters and the internet; we determined no such product was available. Born was the VertiRack.


We have dedicated the last 10 years of our lives to making these racks. We eat, sleep and

breathe racks. We invented the vertical ladder rack and since, the vertical surfboard/paddleboard rack. We appreciate all the other rack manufacturer’s products for

what they are, the niche they occupy and what they can do for their users. We do not try to copy or reinvent anyone else’s products to gain a share of their market segment. What we do is identify areas of the market that have been ignored or overlooked; and design products to fill these needs. This has resulted in our truck & trailer roof mount ladder racks and vehicle body roof access ladders. We are responsive to our customers’ needs and desires; often developing new designs to fit them, like our wall mount and freestanding vertical ladder racks and our surfboard / stand up paddle board racks.


VertiRack has no competitors; there are no apples to apples comparisons. As far as our racks are concerned, they were the first, and are the only rack to do what they do, in the way that they do it. VertiRack racks are the cutting edge design that all others are copied from. Anything you might see out there that resembles a VertiRack is just an imitation of the original. An apples to onions comparison if you will.


All of our rack designs are unique. We put the care and attention to detail into the design and construction of our products that they and our customers deserve. We use the best components money can buy. VertiRack products are made in the USA, from components made in the USA, by American workers whose goal is to deliver only the best possible product.


We believe if you can’t deliver a unique, well thought out, well made product; one that delivers the best possible performance and quality to your customers, then don’t bother.


We are not just the best at what we do; we're the ONLY ones who do what we do.



VertiRackTM Manufacturing Co.